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Commercial Loans

Commercial Loan officers are experienced professionals who know the importance local business owners are to the community. They understand your importance and look forward to getting to know you and the needs of your business.

We can tailor your business lending package with the right tools and products to help you succeed.


Description Uses
Commercial Real
Estate Financing
Investment property can be a good investment.  We have extensive experience lending on commercial real estate in Central Illinois and would be proud to work with you. Commercial
Construction and Term Financing
Real Estate Development
Lines of Credit There are many situations where a vibrant business has periodic needs for cash.  Strong growth, seasonal sales, taking discounts: these are just some of the reasons an operating line of credit may help you. Accounts Receivable
Seasonal Needs
Term Loans It’s not uncommon for a business owner to find great opportunities in buying longer term assets that may generate income & profits over time.  A Term loan helps the new purchase pay for itself as it generates income. Machinery & Equipment
Business Acquisition
Other Long Term Purchases
Tax Exempt Financing
Specialized Loans There are a variety of more specialized business loans that may be just what you need.  Some provide longer term fixed interest rates.  Some provide effective owner’s equity for the Bank.  Some assist with ordering inventory.  These may be just what you need to meet your current business need. SBA Loans
Letters of Credit