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Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

In the Agricultural Industry today, producers are faced with numerous challenges and risks.  Uncertainties in Yield, Price, and Revenue in today’s environment make it imperative for producers to have a Risk Management Plan in place that will protect your investment in your crop.

At First National Bank in Taylorville we can help you face and overcome these uncertainties.  We have extensive knowledge and training in how the different crop insurance plans work, which plans will benefit your individual operation the most, and how you can forward market your grain with your crop insurance plan protecting you.

We’re in the business of protecting your revenue and preserving your equity.  We can give you the peace of mind that your operation is protected and the confidence that your crop insurance investment and marketing plan will allow you to maximize profits.

To begin making informed decisions when selecting your crop insurance plan, contact Jared Beckham at First National Bank in Taylorville. 

To request additional information about crop insurance plans, request an on-farm personalized risk management analysis, sign up for monthly marketing and daily market update e-mails, or for information on our Third Thursday Marketing Meetings, please visit our INFO REQUEST page.

Federal Crop Insurance Is:

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